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Instrument Operator
  Bay City, MI  

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Min Education:

HS Diploma

Minimum Experience:

0 years

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Candidates must have a high school diploma and zero years of experience. Some land and/or construction survey experience is preferred. A valid driver's license, the ability to work six, ten hour shifts Monday through Saturday through the entire summer and punctuality is required. Candidates should be self-motivated and able to work well with others. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Operate and maintain various survey instruments and other equipment
  • Interpret maps, plats, blueprints, and specifications
  • Read and measure distances using survey equipment
  • Perform various survey calculations
  • Drive survey vehicle to multiple job sites
  • Track and maintain survey supplies
  • Assist Survey Crew Chief as needed
  • Clean, check and adjust survey instruments to assure accuracy of measurements
  • Maintain a clean survey vehicle
  • Attend seminars and/or training classes
  • Maintain excellent client relations
  • Maintain a safe working environment



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